Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice

Fight for Climate Justice

We are movements and organizations engaged in many struggles for a new world – a world in which the needs, interests, rights and aspirations of peoples everywhere have priority over the profit of corporations and the excess of elites. Our solidarity and collective action is extremely crucial.

The Earth’s climate is destabilizing and the planet is in crisis.

Climate change is multiplying the sufferings of people already burdened by the global injustices of hunger, dispossession and violations of human rights.  Some of the impacts from the 0.8 degrees Celsius rise in the earth’s average temperature since 1900 include:  

  • There is significant retreat of many mountain glaciers which are sourced of water for millions of people.  Changes in rain-fall patterns are causing great water stress particularly in Western Africa and South Asia.
  • There is 80% less Arctic-sea ice today than in 1950. The melting of ice causes sea-level rise, threatening more than 600 million people living less than 10 meters above sea-level
  • The increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is causing ocean acidification. Some oceans are now 30% more acidic than normal, harming ocean habitats and destroying fish stocks. Increased ocean temperature also reduces growth-size of fish. At least 1 billion people rely on fish for food and livelihoods.
  • Crop-yields are diminishing. And It is estimated that climate-related food price hikes since 2005 have pushed more than 105 million people into poverty.
  • Each year, thousands of peoples lose their lives and millions lose homes & livelihoods to climate change-related extreme weather events.

Even with the so-called ‘climate action’ promised by governments, we are on track to risk 5 degrees Celsius of warming. This will radically change the surface of the planet, collapsing the systems we rely on for life. It threatens to wipe out vast populations and profoundly change life on Earth.

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Southern Demands for A Science-based, Just and Fair Sharing of Global Efforts to Confront the Climate Crisis

In the face of multiple struggles to build a new and better world, the climate crisis is one of most urgent challenges confronting all of our peoples. To stabilize the Earth’s climate system, prevent planetary catastrophe and secure a safe, sustainable, just and equitable future -- we must fight for comprehensive social, economic, and political transformation in our countries and globally.

Current levels of global warming – 0.8 degrees Celsius from pre-industrial levels— are already causing widespread destruction, displacement and loss of lives; even worse impacts in the near future are already certain. We are fighting to prevent these and much worse, and it is a fight we cannot afford to lose.

People are waging this fight in every dimension of their lives— food, energy, health and security, jobs and livelihoods— defending their rights, their communities and the commons, and asserting people-driven solutions and alternatives. These alternatives recognize that— if we are to live well, with justice and dignity and in harmony with nature— there must be a redistribution of power and wealth, a shift to sustainable systems of extraction and production, and a limit to the consumption of resources.

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