Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice

The Global Month of Action on Energy

11 October to 11 November 2013

The Global Month of Action on Energy is a joint initiative of the Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice with other networks, movements and campaigns working on energy issues.

We are calling on people, communities, organizations and movements from around the world to organize and/or join various forms of actions and initiatives that will take place within a period of 30 days to articulate and demonstrate popular opposition to dirty and harmful energy and popular demand for democratic, public renewable energy systems for people and communities. There will be specific days devoted to particular issues /targets – ie a day on Coal, on Fracking, on Oil, on Nuclear etc.

Common Calls and Demands

The organizers of the Global Month of Action on Energy share the following common calls and demands:


  • No to dirty and harmful energy! No to Coal, Oil, Conventional/Non Conventional Gas, Mega-dams, Nuclear, Agrofuels, Energy to Waste Incineration!

  • Yes to Renewable Energy Systems controlled by and for People and Communities!


  • Ban all new dirty energy projects (global, regional, national and local)

  • Stop government/public handouts to dirty energy companies
  • Redirect public finance to support public and community/decentralised energy systems and ensure peoples access to clean and renewable energy

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