Intervention by Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice at the Global Stocktake Opening Plenary

Mr, Madam Chair,

My name is Victor Menotti and this statement is delivered on behalf of the ENGO Demand Climate Justice.

For GST’s outcomes to truly guide future NDCs’ to align with both 1.5C and equity, we need a decision to initiate a process to collectively and transparently develop an agreed fair shares framework that makes apparent to all actors what effort is needed for both mitigation and – for developed countries – providing the finance and technology that developing countries need.

We endorse calls for the GST to an equitable phase out of fossil fuels, where the wealthiest producers in developed countries go first and fastest while providing sufficient support for developing countries, including not only finance and technology but, where needed, debt cancellation and economic diversification.

We also support the call by several Parties for a “fair shares”, and a phase out of fossil fuels, but we must integrate the two into one process that the GST can give guidance to.

Thank you.