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Latin America and the Caribbean Climate Week

Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice (DCJ) will take part in the Latin America and the Caribbean Climate Week 2022 (LACCW), which will be held from 18-22 July in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, hosted by the Government of the Dominican Republic and organized by UNFCCC in collaboration with global partners UNDP, UNEP and the World Bank Group; and regional partners the UNECLAC, the CAF–Development Bank of Latin America, and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

DCJ will be represented by our Regional Coordinator, Eduardo Giesen, who is actively involved in the organization of the Latinamerican and Caribbean Assembly for Climate Justice, the alternative social space of the LACCW.

Through our involvement in the LACCW, we hope, as DCJ, to make a substantive contribution to the strengthening of climate justice articulations in the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region and the local fights against false solutions and extractivism in Dominican Republic, as well as influencing the climate positions of LAC governments and international/regional organizations, in the road to COP27, which will take place in Egypt in November this year.

Several DCJ members, such as MOCICC (Perú), Corporate Accountability and ETC Group, will participate in our hybrid self-organized activities:

  • Wednesday 20 July, 11:00 am (UTC-4): Launch of the Climate Justice Glossary
  • Thursday 21 July, 9:00 am (UTC-4): Panel on false solutions to climate change
  • Thursday 21 July, 11:00 am (UTC-4): Panel: Energy and climate crisis: What is at stake for the next COP27?

The Latinamerican and Caribbean Assembly for Climate Justice will take place from 18 – 22 July in the auditorium of the Faculty of Legal Sciences of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and will be broadcast via Facebook and Youtube.