Intervention By Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice at Global Stocktake Roundtable 1 on Mitigation

Delivered by Victor Menotti on behalf of ENGO – DCJ

EQUITY: AR6 charts B, C

GST must give guidance to align future NDCs with 1.5C and agreed principles of equity.  GST must show us where we are, how we got here, and how we can correct course. Technical Dialogue outputs must include the key inputs that illustrate how we got here.

Co-facilitators hosted an online consultation where I asked about AR6 SPM charts B and C (page 14) show 4% of global population is responsible for almost one-quarter of emissions.  

Given reactions I’ve heard here, I respectfully request CFs to reconsider how best to balance the report by including it as relevant technical data on where we are and how we got here.

IPCC shows emissions from 1990-2019, so lets another chart showing pre-2020 emissions.

If countries can call for “environmental justice” domestically, why not internationally? If countries can call for people to pay fair share of taxes, why not also with climate action?

The principles of equity are already agreed and established but now need to be implemented to enable the actual ambition we need.


– We need real solutions, not undermining Fossil Fuels phase out with CDR, CCS and other technologies still in development. There’s just no time, and also “abatement” of emissions diverts attention from equitably phasing out fossil fuels. Countries must not rely on false solutions, land remake and CDR to meet their targets, but must prioritize a phase out and forest protection for any chance for 1.5C. Calling for RE targets without support also false.


Demand: Not just production but also consumption. After Glasgow, top oil consuming countries proclaimed they would cooperate to create more supply, totally ignoring demand.

Debt cancellation

Diversification of economies

Trade, Investment, Finance and Technology

DCJ calls for “systems change, not climate change” so let that be our way forward.