I am Erica Njuguna from Kenya, speaking on behalf of the Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice. I voluntarily and readily disclose that I have no direct or financial ties to the fossil fuel industry or other polluting industries.

We see a ROUGH road to Baku given the little progress and deepening distrust here in Bonn.

BURYING data from Annex 1 reports that showed the richest nations cut only one-fifth of their emissions does NOT reverse the deteriorating spirit of cooperation. Under-delivery of the promised climate finance of 100 bn dollars has further shown the true face of the developed countries who have gotten rich on the backs of our lives and our communities.

Rich countries need to step up to their responsibilities and must drastically cut their own emissions and immediately phase out all fossil fuels. If rich countries are looking to rebuild trust with the Global South, they must not block progress on an ambitious NCQG that goes towards real solutions and not towards dangerous distractions. Carbon finance is NOT climate finance, and selling it as such serves only polluters.

We need reparations in trillions not billions, and we need them to go towards real solutions – those developed by peoples who are at the frontlines and suffer the disproportionate impacts of the climate crisis.

Lastly, we want to reiterate there can be no business as usual during a genocide. Despite a resolution on a ceasefire being passed in the UN Security Council, bombing and attacks have continued in Gaza. These issues are deeply interlinked and these same actors are perpetuating both the climate crisis and the systemic violence happening around the world.

There is no climate justice on occupied land and there is no climate justice without human rights.