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Join the Global Campaign to Demand Climate justice to coordinate the campaigns, communications and strategies of a large network at the forefront of one of the most vibrant global movements.

Job title: Global Coordinator

Contract: Initial 4 month probationary period and, following evaluation, a renewable 2-3 year contract with additional benefits.

Reporting to: The position will be hosted by one of the DCJ member organisations, determined by the location of the successful candidate.

Salary: Compensation is negotiable but will be commensurate with experience and location, with a minimum floor of USD $28,500 per annum (pro-rata)

Hours: Flexible 28 hours per week. This is an average as the position will include occasional weekend and out of hours working as well as busy periods. 

Benefits: Flexible working hours and ability to largely set your own schedule and holidays. We strive for attractive benefits package which can be discussed and fleshed out with the successful candidate.

Location: Remote. Candidates based in or from the Global South are particularly encouraged to apply.

To apply: Please send a cover letter and resume as attachments to thanki.nathan@gmail.com with “DCJ COORDINATOR ROLE” in the subject line.

Application deadline: 30 August 2021. We review applications on a rolling basis.

Interviews: We aim to hold interviews the week of 6 September but depending on schedules may conduct some interviews on a rolling basis.

Start date: 22 September 2021, preferably sooner.

Job description

The Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice is looking for an outstanding activist and progressive thinker with movement building experience to help coordinate our efforts to strengthen the climate justice movement globally. You will contribute to the urgent task of organizing the Demand Climate Justice network and play a key role in building a successful team across geographic regions to strengthen our demands for systemic change. You will support the building of our key campaigns and advocacy fighting against extractivism and false solutions and will work to help us propose and advance real climate just solutions. The successful candidate will be independent, self-motivated, and willing to learn.

Key tasks and responsibilities

This role is open to being shaped by the candidate and will naturally evolve over time depending on the successful recruitment of other positions and the personal attributes of the successful candidate. Below are indicative tasks and responsibilities in order of priority which we are happy to discuss further.

Political Coordination and Strategizing

  • Work with the DCJ Global Coordinating Committee (DCJ-CC) to develop and coordinate advocacy and movement-building strategies and work-plans to deliver on DCJ’s overarching aims and areas of work;
  • Ensure that agreements of the DCJ-CC are acted on, outputs are delivered and that all deadlines are met;
  • Ensure a fully representative DCJ-CC is in place and meeting regularly;

Networking and organizing

  • Be a point of contact for DCJ members and allies in all regions;
  • Organise regular DCJ-wide meetings with DCJ’s membership base;
  • Help deepen and grow DCJ’s membership engagement;
  • Enable and support engagement in DCJ by new and current members;
  • Provide a link to regional nodes bringing their work, approach and politics in to global formation 


  • Work with other staff roles to develop and deliver DCJ campaigns.
  • Organise in-person DCJ activities during key moments such as (but not limited to)UN Climate Change negotiations, including daily assemblies, regular press briefings, actions etc. 
  • Identify and work to provide solidarity and amplification of campaigns in different regions 


  • Coordinate and provide guidance with communication officer to develop and disseminate DCJ key messages, including via press, social media, website, briefing papers, reports etc.  (as long as there is no comms officer in place)
  • Collaborate closely with the communications officer to develop and disseminate DCJ key messages as appropriate (when comms officer is in place)
  • Acting as organisation representative to a wide range of audiences including media, activists, and decisionmakers and supporting DCJ spokespeople to gain access to these audiences.

Fundraising, reporting and project management

  • Work with members of the CC to support funding applications and support liaising with funders; 
  • Implement projects and manage the project with its key deliverables including time narrative and financial reports  to the funder.

Person specification

Significant, demonstrable and relevant experience including the following:

  • Designing and running campaigns, particularly grassroots campaigns, ideally around climate justice;
  • Working within a  global team of staff and volunteers;
  • Working within diverse coalitions or networks, both remotely across multiple time-zones and in-person;
  • Working with frontline communities, marginalised groups, and social movements; adept at navigating across cultures and backgrounds;
  • Experience in being a spokesperson and representation to a wide range of audiences.


  • Excellent in coordinating large and diverse groups;
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills and fluency in English; ability to speak language(s) other than English a plus;
  • Experience with different social media channels and organizing tools; 
  • Experience in fundraising and reporting and project management
  • Capacity to work independently while being a team player, following a pro-active and results-based working approach.


  • Understanding of and demonstrable commitment to climate justice;
  • Good understanding of the global politics of climate change, energy, economics, gender justice, racial justice,  etc. and of global justice movements;
  • Good knowledge on climate/environmental/grassroots organizations/movements and networks and its dynamics;
  • Some knowledge of the issues within the UNFCCC;
  • Knowledge of grassroots organizing.

Personal attributes:

  • Willingness to travel long distances (during non-pandemic times) for periods between 5-20 days;
  • Willingness and ability to work with a complex network structure;
  • Willingness to work occasionally weekends and in different timezones.


Join members and allies of the Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice in conversation as we discuss the principles of climate justice and explore relevant topics ranging across energy, food, land, jobs, reparations, false solutions, corporate abuse, and gender justice. 

During a series of online events extending into 2021, activists from around the world will draw on their experiences of campaigning and organising in social movements to deepen our collective understanding of what it means to demand climate justice and strategise together.

Part 1 of the Climate Justice Groundings will run weekly from mid-October to mid-November 2020. 

Please register for the sessions of your choice below

October 20 | 12.00pm – 2.00pm GMT | Climate Justice in the Time of COVID

October 27 | 12.00pm – 2.00pm GMT | What Do We Mean By Climate Justice?

November 3 | 12.00pm – 2.00pm GMT | The Right to Food, Land, and Water

November 10 | 12.00pm – 2.00pm GMT | Reclaiming Power to Transform Energy Systems

November 14 | 1.30pm – 2.30pm GMT | We Demand Reparations

Please note that “We Demand Reparations,” will take place as part of the COP26 Coalition’s global online gathering, From The Ground Up. Live interpretation will be available for all sessions in English<>Spanish, English<>French, and French<>Spanish. Each session will also be recorded and made available at a later date. 

Part 2 of the Climate Justice Groundings will launch in January 2021 and will cover issues such as corporate abuse and false solutions, the interdependence between climate justice and  feminism and gender justice, the uneven impact of climate breakdown, securing jobs and livelihoods, the international climate change negotiations, and the role of social movements and people power in bringing about systems change.

We would appreciate it if you could spread the word among your networks by forwarding this email and sharing on social media. You can download our poster series here, including images to use specifically on Twitter and Facebook/Instagram

N.B. “Grounding” is a Rastafari practice and way of life from which we are drawing inspiration. The Pan-Africanist historian Walter Rodney referred to the practice in his work The Groundings with my Brothers. Like Rodney, we use the term here with respect and admiration. The Climate Justice Groundings are not one off events, but rather steps on the path we as movements are walking towards our goal of collective liberation and justice.


Únete a los miembros y aliados de la Campaña Global para Exigir Justicia Climática en una conversación en que discutimos los principios de la justicia climática y exploramos temas relevantes que abarcan energía, alimentos, tierra, trabajo, reparaciones, soluciones falsas, abuso corporativo y justicia de género.

Durante una serie de eventos en línea que se extenderán hasta 2021, activistas de todo el mundo aprovecharán sus experiencias de campañas y organización en movimientos sociales para profundizar nuestra comprensión colectiva de lo que significa exigir justicia climática y elaborar estrategias juntos.

La Parte 1 de “Groundings de Justicia Climática” se realizará semanalmente desde mediados de octubre hasta mediados de noviembre de 2020.

Regístrate para las sesiones de tu elección a continuación:

20 de octubre | 12.00 p. M. – 2.00 p. M. GMT | Justicia climática en tiempos de COVID

27 de octubre | 12.00 p. M. – 2.00 p. M. GMT | ¿Qué entendemos por justicia climática?

3 de noviembre | 12.00 p. M. – 2.00 p. M. GMT | El derecho a la alimentación, la tierra y el agua

10 de noviembre | 12.00 p. M. – 2.00 p. M. GMT | Recuperando el poder para transformar los sistemas energéticos

14 de noviembre | 13.30 – 14.30 GMT | Exigimos reparaciones

Habrá interpretación en vivo disponible para todas las sesiones en inglés <> español, inglés <> francés y francés <> español. Cada sesión también se grabará y estará disponible en una fecha posterior.

“Exigimos reparaciones” se llevará a cabo como parte del encuentro global en línea de la Coalición COP26, From The Ground Up.

La Parte 2 de “Groundings de Justicia Climática” se lanzará en enero de 2021 y cubrirá temas como el abuso corporativo y las falsas soluciones, la interdependencia entre la justicia climática y el feminismo y la justicia de género, el impacto desigual del colapso climático, la seguridad de empleos y medios de vida, negociaciones internacionales sobre cambio climático, y el papel de los movimientos sociales y el poder popular en el cambio sistémico.

Te agradeceríamos correr la voz entre tus redes enviando este correo electrónico y compartiéndolo en las redes sociales. Puedes descargar nuestra serie de carteles aquí, incluidas imágenes para usar específicamente en Twitter y Facebook/Instagram.

N.B. “Grounding” es una práctica y forma de vida rastafari en la que nos inspiramos. El historiador panafricanista Walter Rodney se refirió a la práctica en su obra The Groundings with my Brothers. Como Rodney, usamos el término aquí con respeto y admiración. “Groundings de Justicia Climática” no son eventos aislados, sino pasos en el camino que nosotrxs, como movimientos, estamos caminando hacia nuestro objetivo de liberación y justicia colectivas.